coulometric /kooh'leuh me"trik/, adj.coulometrically, adv.
/kooh lom"i tree, keuh-/, n. Chem.
a method used in quantitative analysis, whereby the amount of a substance set free or deposited during electrolysis is determined by measuring the number of coulombs that passed through the electrolyte.
[1940-45; COULO(MB) + -METRY]

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      in analytical chemistry, method for determining the quantity of a substance, based on the strict proportionality between the extent of a chemical change and the quantity of electricity involved (Faraday's law). The quantity of the material to be analyzed can be determined directly by depositing the substance on an electrode or by generating electrolytically in the solution a known amount of a substance that will react with the test material. The latter method is analogous to volumetric titration.

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