corpus luteum

corpus luteum
/kawr"peuhs looh"tee euhm/, pl. corpora lutea /kawr"peuhr euh looh"tee euh/.
1. Anat., Zool. a ductless gland developed within the ovary by the reorganization of a Graafian follicle following ovulation.
2. Pharm. an extract of this gland, usually of the hog or cow, the chief product of which is progesterone.
[1780-90; < NL: yellow body]

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      yellow, hormone-secreting body in the female reproductive system. It is formed in an ovary at the site of a follicle, or sac, that has matured and released its ovum, or egg. The “yellow body” secretes progesterone, a hormone that causes changes in the uterus that make it more suitable for implantation of the fertilized ovum and the nourishment of the embryo. If the egg is not fertilized, the corpus luteum becomes inactive after 10–14 days and menstruation occurs. See also ovary; ovulation.

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