coronagraphic /keuh roh'neuh graf"ik/, adj.
/keuh roh"neuh graf', -grahf'/, n. Astron.
an instrument for observing and photographing the sun's corona, consisting of a telescope fitted with lenses, filters, and diaphragms that simulate an eclipse.
[1885-90; earlier coronograph. See CORONA, -GRAPH]

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  telescope that blocks the light of a star inside the instrument so that objects close to the star can be observed. It was invented in 1930 by the French astronomer Bernard Lyot (Lyot, Bernard) and was used to observe the Sun's (Sun) corona and prominences (solar prominence).

      When a coronagraph is used to observe the Sun, a round metal screen blocks the overwhelming brightness of the Sun's central disk, or photosphere. Other screens and diaphragms block reflections of the photospheric image. The coronagraph must be used at high altitudes and on very clear days, when the atmospheric diffusion of light is at a minimum; imperfect lenses or dust inside the instrument will scatter enough photospheric light to obscure the dim solar corona.

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