cork tree

cork tree
1. the cork oak, Quercus suber, of the beech family.
2. any of several Asian citrus trees of the genus Phellodendron, having a corky bark.
[1400-50; late ME]

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 (genus Phellodendron), any of several eastern Asian trees in the rue family (Rutaceae) having corklike bark. Two are useful as lawn and shade trees. The Amur cork tree (Phellodendron amurense) may reach a height of 15 m (50 feet); the Japanese cork tree (P. japonicum) grows to 9 m. Greenish yellow flowers appear in summer. Female trees bear small grapelike clusters of black fruit. The dark green, pinnately divided leaves turn yellow in fall. Cork trees are tolerant of a wide range of growing conditions.

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