/koh"ki tree, koh ke"tree/, n., pl. coquetries.
1. the behavior or arts of a coquette; flirtation.
2. dalliance; trifling.
[1650-60; < F coquetterie. See COQUETTE, -ERY]

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  • Coquetry — Co*quet ry, n.; pl. {Coquetries}. [F. coquetterie.] Attempts to attract admiration, notice, or love, for the mere gratification of vanity; trifling in love. Little affectations of coquetry. Addison. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • coquetry — [kō′kə trē, kō ke′trē] n. pl. coquetries [Fr coqueterie < coqueter: see COQUET] 1. the behavior or act of a coquette; flirting 2. the act of trifling or dallying …   English World dictionary

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