/keuhn tay'neuhr euh zay"sheuhn/, n. Transp.
a method of shipping freight in relatively uniform, sealed, movable containers whose contents do not have to be unloaded at each point of transfer. Cf. break-bulk (def. 1).

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      method of transporting freight by placing it in large containers. Containerization is an important cargo-moving technique developed in the 20th century. Road-and-rail containers, sealed boxes of standard sizes, were used early in the century; but it was not until the 1960s that containerization became a major element in ocean shipping, made possible by new ships specifically designed for container carrying. Large and fast, container ships carry containers above deck as well as below; and their cargoes are easily loaded and unloaded, making possible more frequent trips and minimum lost time in port. Port facilities for rapid handling of containers are necessarily complex and expensive and usually justified only if there is large cargo traffic flowing both ways. A container may leave a factory by truck and be transferred to a railroad car, thence to a ship, and, finally, to a barge; such transfers of an uncontainerized cargo would add substantially to cost.

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