/koh"non/, n.
died A.D. 687, pope 686-687.

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▪ Greek admiral

died c. 390 BC

      Athenian admiral notable for his overwhelming victory over the Spartan fleet off Cnidus (the southwestern extremity of modern Turkey) in 394 and his restoration the following year of the long walls and fortifications of Athens' port, the Piraeus. The walls had been destroyed by the Spartans after their victory in the Peloponnesian War (431–404).

      Conon was admiral in each of the three years 407–405. In 406 he was defeated by the Spartans and blockaded in Mytilene. He was rescued following the Athenian victory at Arginusae (August 406). But, upon the defeat of Athens' fleet at Aegospotami (405), he fled to Cyprus. On the outbreak of the war between Sparta and the Persians (400), Conon obtained joint command, with Pharnabazus, of a Persian fleet. It was in this capacity that he triumphed six years later at Cnidus. Imprisoned by the Persians when he was on an embassy from Athens to the Persian court to counteract the intrigues of Sparta, Conon probably died in Cyprus.


died Sept. 21, 687, Rome [Italy]

      pope from 686 to 687.

      Probably the son of a Thracian soldier, he was educated in Sicily and ordained priest in Rome. He was elected to succeed John V and was consecrated on October 21. Elderly and in poor health, he died 11 months later and was buried in St. Peter's.

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