Congo red

Congo red
a water-soluble powder, C32H22O6N6S2Na2, one of the Congo colors that is not acid-fast or lightfast: used chiefly as a dye, biological stain, and chemical indicator.

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      first of the synthetic dyestuffs of the direct (direct dye) type, that is, not requiring application of a mordant (a substance such as tannin or alum used to fix the colour to cotton fibres). Introduced in 1884, Congo red belongs to a group of azo dyes derived from benzidine. Congo red was formerly used to dye cotton but has been superseded by dyes more resistant to light and to washing. It is still used in histology to stain tissues for microscopic examination, and to serve as an acid-base indicator, since it turns red in the presence of alkalies and blue when exposed to acids.

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