/kom'preuh dawr"/, n.
(formerly in China) a native agent or factotum, as of a foreign business house.
Also, compradore.
[1605-15; < Pg: buyer < L comparator, equiv. to compara(re) to furnish, provide, prepare (see COM-, PREPARE) + -tor -TOR]

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▪ Chinese society
(Portuguese: “buyer”),also spelled  Compradore,  

      member of the Chinese merchant class who aided Western traders in China in the late 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries. Hired by contract, the comprador was responsible for a Chinese staff of currency-exchange specialists, interpreters, coolies, and guardsmen. Many compradors became extremely wealthy and established businesses of their own. In recent times, the term comprador has come to denote those people who aided Western exploitation of China.

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