collotypic /kol'euh tip"ik/, adj.collotypy /kol"euh tuy'pee/, n.
/kol"euh tuyp'/, n., v., collotyped, collotyping.
n. Also called albertype, artotype, heliotype.
1. any photomechanical process of printing from a plate coated with gelatin.
2. the plate used for this.
3. a print made from such a plate.
4. to produce (a print) by collotype; albertype; artotype; heliotype.
[1880-85; < Gk kóll(a) glue + -o- + -TYPE]

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▪ printing process
also called  Photocollography,  

      photomechanical printing process that gives accurate reproduction because no halftone screen is employed to break the images into dots. In the process, a plate (aluminum, glass, cellophane, etc.) is coated with a light-sensitive gelatin solution and exposed to light through a photographic negative. The gelatin is hardened in exposed areas and is then soaked in glycerin, which is absorbed most in the non-hardened areas. When exposed to high humidity, these areas absorb moisture and repel the greasy ink. The hardened areas accept the ink, and the plate can be used to print a few thousand copies of the positive image.

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