clouded leopard

clouded leopard
a medium-sized wild cat, Felis nebulosa, with brownish-gray fur spotted or striped with black, native to southeastern Asia and Indonesia: an endangered species. Also called clouded tiger.

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also called  clouded tiger 
 strikingly marked cat, very similar in colouring and coat pattern to the smaller, unrelated marbled cat (Felis marmorata). There are two species of clouded leopard, which are genetically distinct from one another. Neofelis nebulosa, found on the mainland of southeastern Asia, particularly in forests and other wooded regions, and N. diardi (also called the Bornean clouded leopard), found on the islands of Sumatra and Borneo, are thought to have diverged about 1.4 million years ago. The population of clouded leopards declined sharply in the latter half of the 20th century as a result of hunting and deforestation. They are reported to be nocturnal and to live in trees; they prey on birds and on small mammals, such as pigs and monkeys.

      A rather short-legged cat, the clouded leopard has a long head and large upper-canine teeth that are proportionately longer than those of any other cat. The coat of N. nebulosa is short and grayish brown, spotted on the body with large, dark patches partly edged with black; the head, legs, and long tail are spotted. N. diardi is similar in appearance but has a darker coat and smaller patches. The male clouded leopard may attain a length of about 106 cm (42 inches) excluding the 90-cm tail, a shoulder height of about 80 cm, and a weight of about 23 kg (50 pounds); the female is smaller.

      The clouded leopard, as one of the big, or roaring, cats, was formerly placed in the genera Panthera or Leo. In other classifications, it was considered a member of the genus Felis.

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