climatologic /kluy'meuh tl oj"ik/, climatological, adj.climatologically, adv.climatologist, n.
/kluy'meuh tol"euh jee/, n.
the science that deals with the phenomena of climates or climatic conditions.
[1835-45; CLIMATE + -O- + -LOGY]

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Branch of atmospheric science concerned with describing climate and analyzing the causes and practical consequences of climatic differences and changes.

Climatology treats the same atmospheric processes as meteorology, but it also seeks to identify slower-acting influences and longer-term changes, including the circulation of the oceans, the concentrations of atmospheric gases, and the small but measurable variations in the intensity of solar radiation.

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      branch of the atmospheric sciences concerned with both the description of climate and the analysis of the causes of climatic differences and changes and their practical consequences. Climatology treats the same atmospheric processes as meteorology , but it seeks as well to identify the slower-acting influences and longer-term changes of import, including the circulation of the oceans and the small yet measurable variations in the intensity of solar radiation.

      From its origins in 6th-century-BC Greek science, climatology has developed along two main lines: regional climatology and physical climatology. The first is the study of discrete and characteristic weather phenomena of a particular continental or subcontinental region. The second involves a statistical analysis of the various weather elements, principally temperature, moisture, atmospheric pressure, and wind speed, and a detailed examination of the basic relationships between such elements. Since the 1960s a third main branch, dynamic meteorology, has emerged. It deals primarily with the numerical simulation of climate and climatic change, employing models of atmospheric processes based on the fundamental equations of dynamic meteorology. Other significant subdisciplines of climatology include bioclimatology and paleoclimatology (qq.v.).

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