/klab"euhrd, klap"bawrd', -bohrd'/, n.
1. Chiefly Northeastern U.S. a long, thin board, thicker along one edge than the other, used in covering the outer walls of buildings, being laid horizontally, the thick edge of each board overlapping the thin edge of the board below it. See illus. under siding.
2. Brit. a size of oak board used for making barrel staves and for wainscoting.
3. of or made of clapboard: a clapboard house.
[1510-20; earlier clap bord, alter. of obs. clapholt < LG klappholt (c. D klaphout) split wood used for barrel staves; see CLAP1, HOLT]
/klap"bawrd', -bohrd'/, n. Motion Pictures.
a small board with a hinged stick attached that is clapped down at the beginning of the filming of a shot for use later in synchronizing sound and image in the editing of the film. Also called clapper board, clapstick /klap"stik'/.

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Narrow board tapered toward one edge, used as siding to cover the exterior of a framed building.

Clapboards are attached horizontally, each overlapping the next one down. Cleft oak clapboard was introduced to New England in the 17th century; later materials included pine, cypress, and cedar.

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also called  weatherboard,  bevel siding , or  lap siding 

      type of board bevelled toward one edge, used to clad the exterior of a frame building. Clapboards are attached horizontally, each one overlapping the next one down. They are six to eight inches in width, diminishing from about a 5/8 inch thickness at the lower edge to a fine upper edge which is under the board above.

      Cleft oak clapboard was introduced to New England in the 17th century. Later clapboard was generally made of pine, cypress, or cedar. Clapboards are applied with about four inches exposed. A device called a clapboard gauge may be used for spacing and to keep them parallel.

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