circumvolutory /sur'keuhm veuh looh"teuh ree/, adj.
/serr'keuhm veuh looh"sheuhn/, n.
1. the act of rolling or turning around: planetary circumvolution.
2. a single complete turn or cycle.
3. a winding or folding about something: the circumvolutions of a boa.
4. a fold so wound: the circumvolution of a snail shell.
5. a winding in a sinuous course; a sinuosity: the circumvolutions of the river.
6. a roundabout course or procedure, or an instance of such: The speaker's circumvolutions bored the audience to tears.
[1400-50; late ME < ML circumvolution- (s. of circumvolutio), equiv. to L circumvolut(us) (ptp. of circumvolvere to CIRCUMVOLVE) (circum- CIRCUM- + volu- ptp. s. of volvere to roll + -tus ptp. suffix) + -ion- -ION]

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