chromatophoric /kreuh mat'euh fawr"ik, -for"ik, kroh"meuh teuh-/, chromatophorous /kroh'meuh tof"euhr euhs/, adj.
/kreuh mat"euh fawr', -fohr', kroh"meuh teuh-/, n.
1. Zool. a cell containing pigment, esp. one that through contraction and expansion produces a temporary color, as in cuttlefishes.
2. Bot. one of the colored plastids in plant cells.
[1860-65; CHROMATO- + -PHORE]

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▪ biological pigment
      pigment-containing cell in the deeper layers of the skin of animals. Depending on the colour of their pigment, chromatophores are termed melanophores (black), erythrophores (red), xanthophores (yellow), or leucophores (white). The distribution of the chromatophores and the pigments they contain determine the colour patterns of an organism.

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