/chop"stiks'/, n. (used with a sing. v.)
a harmonically and melodically simple waltz for piano played typically with the forefinger of each hand and sometimes having an accompanying part for a second player.
[1890-95; perh. after CHOPSTICK from the way the fingers are held]

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▪ eating utensils
      (from Chinese kuai-tzu, “quick ones,” by way of Pidgin chop, “quick”), eating utensils, consisting of a pair of slender sticks held between the thumb and fingers of one hand, that predominate in much of East Asia and are used in conjunction with East Asian-style cuisine worldwide.

      Chopsticks of bamboo or wood, and subsequently of ivory and precious metals, originated in China as early as the Shang dynasty (c. 1766–c. 1122 BC) and from there spread throughout East Asia. In China, the substitution of chopsticks for knives at the table reflected the ascendancy of the scholar over the warrior as a cultural hero.

      Modern mass-produced chopsticks are commonly made of unadorned wood, bamboo, or plastic, although exquisite lacquerwork, inlay, and engraving are still used in the decoration of finer examples. As a general rule, the chopsticks of China are longer and more blunt than those of Japan, which are usually tapered.

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