cecal, adj.cecally, adv.
/see"keuhm/, n., pl. ceca /-keuh/. Anat., Zool.
a cul-de-sac, esp. that in which the large intestine begins.
Also, caecum.
[1715-25; short for L intestinum caecum blind gut]

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also spelled  caecum  

      pouch or large tubelike structure in the lower abdominal cavity that receives undigested food material from the small intestine and is considered the first region of the large intestine. It is separated from the ileum (the final portion of the small intestine) by the ileocecal valve (also called Bauhin valve), which limits the rate of food passage into the cecum and may help prevent material from returning to the small intestine.

      The main functions of the cecum are to absorb fluids and salts that remain after completion of intestinal digestion and absorption and to mix its contents with a lubricating substance, mucus. The internal wall of the cecum is composed of a thick mucous membrane through which water and salts are absorbed. Beneath this lining is a deep layer of muscle tissue that produces churning and kneading motions.

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