/kat"lee euh, kat lee"euh, -lay"euh/, n.
any of several tropical American orchids of the genus Cattleya, having showy flowers ranging from white to purple.
[1820-30; after William Cattley (d. 1832), English botany enthusiast; see -A2]

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      any orchid plant of the genus Cattleya (family Orchidaceae), comprising about 45 species of air plants or rock plants that are commercially important as ornamentals and florists' plants. They are native to tropical America and are widely grown in greenhouses and other light, humid indoor environments. Cattleyas have large pseudo-bulbs (bulblike stems), 1 or 2 leaves, and 1 to 30 large, brightly coloured flowers.

      Cattleya labiata, one of the most commonly cultivated species, has been crossed with numerous other orchid genera to produce thousands of showy hybrids.

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