castor oil

castor oil
a colorless to pale yellow, viscid liquid, usually obtained from the castor bean by a pressing process: used as a lubricant, in the manufacture of certain soaps and creams, and in medicine chiefly as a cathartic. Also called ricinus oil.
[1740-50; castor (perh. var. sp. of CASTER) + OIL; perh. so called because of its purgative effect]

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also called  Ricinus Oil,  
 nonvolatile fatty oil obtained from the seeds of the castor bean (castor-oil plant), Ricinus communis, of the spurge family (Euphorbiaceae). It is used in the production of synthetic resins, plastics, fibres, paints, varnishes, and various chemicals including drying oils and plasticizers. Castor oil is viscous, has a clear and colourless to amber or greenish appearance, a faint characteristic odour, and a bland but slightly acrid taste, with a usually nauseating aftertaste.

      Castor oil is obtained from castor beans either by pressing or by solvent extraction. Both beans and oil are produced principally by India and Brazil and consumed primarily in the United States, largely in industry.

      In addition to the uses mentioned previously, castor oil and its derivatives are used in cosmetics, hair oils, fungistatic (fungus-growth-inhibiting) compounds, embalming fluid, printing inks, soap, lubricants, greases and hydraulic fluids, dyeing aids, and textile finishing materials. Turkey-red oil, long used as a dyeing aid, is produced by the reaction of castor oil with sulfuric acid.

      Castor oil consists almost entirely of the triglycerides ricinoleic acid; and although castor oil has been taken internally as a cathartic, its use can be harmful.

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