carcinomatoid, adj.carcinomatous, adj.
/kahr'seuh noh"meuh/, n., pl. carcinomas, carcinomata /-meuh teuh/. Pathol.
a malignant and invasive epithelial tumor that spreads by metastasis and often recurs after excision; cancer.
[1715-25; < L: ulcer, tumor < Gk karkínoma; see CARCINO-, -OMA]

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      a cancerous (cancer) growth of surface (epithelial (epithelium)) tissues of the skin, digestive tract, blood vessels, and various organs. Carcinoma cells tend to invade surrounding healthy tissues and give rise to secondary growths (metastases) distant from the original tumour. In addition to the skin and digestive tract, carcinomas may develop in the reproductive tract, mucous membranes, lungs, and other internal organs and glands, including the liver, pancreas, thyroid, ovaries, and prostate. Cancers of the nervous system, blood, bone, and muscle are not carcinomas.

      Adenocarcinomas are tumours in which the cancerous cells are arranged in the form of glands. Stomach cancers (stomach cancer) are usually adenocarcinomas, beginning in the glandular cells of the stomach lining. The most common type of pancreatic cancer is also an adenocarcinoma. prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women are most commonly adenocarcinomas, as are many lung cancers (lung cancer).

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