/kap"euh lin/, n.
either of two small fishes of the smelt family, Mallotus villosus, of coastal North American waters, or M. catervarius, of the North Pacific.
Also, caplin.
[1610-20, Amer.; < MF capelan < OPr: codfish, lit., CHAPLAIN]

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      (Mallotus villosus), marine food fish, a species of smelt, in the family Osmeridae (order Osmeriformes). The capelin is an inhabitant of cold Arctic seas around the world but extends southward to coastal waters in the northern temperate regions. Unlike many other species of smelt, the capelin does not enter freshwater to spawn but lays its eggs instead close inshore, even on the wave-washed gravel of beaches. Like other smelt, however, capelin are sleek, slender fishes with olive-green backs and silvery white bellies. They have small scales and large eyes and do not reach lengths of more than about 20 cm (8 inches). Capelins are exceedingly abundant and are eaten by a great variety of other fishes, seabirds, and mammals.

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