/byooh"geuhl weed'/, n.
1. a plant belonging to the genus Lycopus, of the mint family, esp. L. virginicus, reputed to have medicinal properties.
2. ajuga.
[1855-60; BUGLE2 + WEED1]

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      (Ajuga), genus of about 40 species of Eurasian plants of the mint family (Lamiaceae), order Lamiales, but lacking the floral upper lip characteristic of the family. Some creeping species, used as ground covers, are widely naturalized.

      Carpet, or common, bugleweed (A. reptans) forms colonies of rosettes of dark green, oval leaves in damp meadows or woodlands. It produces short spikes of blue, occasionally pink or white, flowers on stems up to 30 cm (12 inches) long. Ground pine (A. chamaepitys) is shorter and has yellow flowers and three-parted needlelike leaves that are pine-scented.

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