/bug"bayn'/, n.
any of several tall, erect plants belonging to the genus Cimicifuga, of the buttercup family, as C. americana, of the eastern U.S., having loose, elongated clusters of white flowers.
[1795-1805; BUG1 + BANE; so called because it supposedly repels insects]

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also called  Rattletop 

      any of about 15 species of tall perennial herb constituting the genus Cimicifuga of the buttercup family (Ranunculaceae) native to North Temperate woodlands. They are said to put bugs to flight by the rustling of their dried seed heads.

 In North America the American bugbane, or summer cohosh (C. americana), about 120 cm (4 feet) tall, and the black cohosh, or black snakeroot (C. racemosa; see photograph—>), about 180 cm (5.91 feet) tall, have roots that have been used medicinally. C. foetida, native to Europe and Siberia, is used medicinally by the Chinese. These species are sometimes grown in the shady woodland garden for their whitish branched flower stalks that rise strikingly above the large, divided leaves.

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