/brow"nee/, n.
1. a tiny, fanciful, good-natured brown elf who secretly helps at night with household chores.
2. a small, chewy, cakelike cookie, usually made with chocolate and containing nuts.
3. Australian. a bread with currants, baked in a camp oven.
4. (sometimes cap.) a member of the junior division of the Girl Scouts or the Girl Guides, being a girl in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade and usually between 6 and 8 years old.
[1505-15; BROWN + -IE; in folkloric sense, orig. Scots]
Syn. 1. See fairy.

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▪ English folklore
      in English and Scottish folklore, a small, industrious fairy or hobgoblin believed to inhabit houses and barns. Rarely seen, he was often heard at night, cleaning and doing housework; he also sometimes mischievously disarranged rooms. He would ride for the midwife, and in Cornwall he caused swarming bees to settle quickly. Cream or bread and milk might be left for him, but other gifts offended him. If one made him a suit of clothes, he would put it on and then vanish, never to return.

      The boggart of Yorkshire and the bogle of Scotland are hostile, mischievous brownies indistinguishable from poltergeists. See also puck.

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