broderie anglaise

broderie anglaise
/broh'deuh ree" ahng glayz", -glez"/; Fr. /brddawdeu rddee ahonn glez"/
fine white needlework done on fine cloth, typically on eyelet.
Also, broderie Anglaise. Also called Madeira embroidery.
[1850-55; < F: lit., English embroidery]

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 (French: “English embroidery”), form of whitework embroidery in which round or oval holes are pierced in the material (such as cotton), and the cut edges then overcast; these holes, or eyelets, are grouped in a pattern that is further delineated by simple embroidery stitches on the surrounding material. The technique originated in 16th-century Europe and was not confined to England as its name would imply. In the 19th century it was much used on nightwear and underclothing, transfers being used to rough out the design. Present-day broderie anglaise is generally done by machine.

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