Bristol Channel

Bristol Channel
an inlet of the Atlantic, between S Wales and SW England, extending to the mouth of the Severn estuary. 85 mi. (137 km) long.

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Inlet of the Atlantic Ocean, southwestern England.

It extends about 85 mi (135 km) between southern Wales and southwestern England, ranging from 5 to 43 mi (8–69 km) wide. Lundy Island, once a pirate stronghold, lies in the centre of the channel; it is maintained as a trust preserve. Ships using the English port of Bristol and the Welsh ports of Swansea and Cardiff pass through the channel.

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      inlet of the Atlantic Ocean separating southwestern England from southern Wales. The northern shore borders the South Wales coalfield and is heavily industrialized; the southern shore in the counties of Somerset and Devon is mainly agricultural. At the eastern end of the channel is the estuary of the River Severn. Lundy Island, now the property of the National Trust, lies in the centre of the channel 12 mi (19 km) west of Ilfracombe. Ships using the English port of Bristol and the Welsh ports of Swansea and Cardiff pass through the channel.

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