/brah'meuh chahr"yeuh/, n. Hinduism.
the stage of life of the student, entailing study of the Vedas and complete celibacy, usually lasting for twelve years.
Also, brahmacarya.
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Sanskrit“pure conduct”

      in Buddhism, strictly, the practice of sexual chastity; more generally, the term denotes the endeavour by monks and nuns as well as lay devotees to live a moral life as a way to end suffering and to reach enlightenment. Lay followers are asked not to kill any living being, not to steal, to avoid improper sexual intercourse, not to lie, and to avoid intoxicants. Novices, monks, and nuns must obey these same rules (with complete chastity added to the third) as well as refrain from eating after noon, avoid all musical and theatrical enjoyments, refrain from wearing jewelry or cosmetics, sleep only on a very simple bed, and refuse gifts of gold or silver.

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