/bray'kee ay"sheuhn, brak'ee-/, n. Zool.
locomotion accomplished by swinging by the arms from one hold to another.

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      in animal behaviour, specialized form of arboreal locomotion in which movement is accomplished by swinging from one hold to another by the arms. The process is highly developed in the gibbon and siamang, which are anatomically adapted for it in the length of their forelimbs, their long hooklike fingers, and the mobility of their shoulder joints. The South American spider monkey, considered a semibrachiator, uses its prehensile tail as a third arm. Spider monkeys both run along branches and swing from them.

      Because bipedal locomotion is the terrestrial form of movement in the true brachiators, some researchers believe that the human species may have evolved from a protobrachiator. Other researchers have tried to demonstrate that the so-called knuckle-walking apes (e.g., the gorilla) are descended from brachiating ancestors. They base this theory on the characteristically long arms and curved fingers of knuckle-walkers.

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