boundness, n.
/bownd/, v.
1. pt. and pp. of bind.
2. tied; in bonds: a bound prisoner.
3. made fast as if by a band or bond: She is bound to her family.
4. secured within a cover, as a book.
5. under a legal or moral obligation: He is bound by the terms of the contract.
6. destined; sure; certain: It is bound to happen.
7. determined or resolved: He is bound to go.
8. Pathol. constipated.
9. Math. (of a vector) having a specified initial point as well as magnitude and direction. Cf. free (def. 31).
10. held with another element, substance, or material in chemical or physical union.
11. (of a linguistic form) occurring only in combination with other forms, as most affixes. Cf. free (def. 34).
12. bound up in or with,
a. inseparably connected with.
b. devoted or attached to: She is bound up in her teaching.
[ptp. and past tense of BIND]
Syn. 5. liable, obligated, obliged, compelled.
boundingly, adv.
/bownd/, v.i.
1. to move by leaps; leap; jump; spring: The colt bounded through the meadow.
2. to rebound, as a ball; bounce: The ball bounded against the wall.
3. a leap onward or upward; jump.
4. a rebound; bounce.
[1545-55; < MF bond a leap, bondir to leap, orig. resound VL *bombitire for *bombitare to buzz, whiz (L bomb(us) (see BOMB) + -it- intensive suffix + -a- thematic vowel + -re inf. suffix)]
Syn. 1. See skip1.
boundable, adj.
/bownd/, n.
1. Usually, bounds. limit or boundary: the bounds of space and time; within the bounds of his estate; within the bounds of reason.
2. something that limits, confines, or restrains.
3. bounds,
a. territories on or near a boundary.
b. land within boundary lines.
4. Math. a number greater than or equal to, or less than or equal to, all the numbers in a given set. Cf. greatest lower bound, least upper bound, lower bound, upper bound.
5. out of bounds,
a. beyond the official boundaries, prescribed limits, or restricted area: The ball bounced out of bounds.
b. forbidden; prohibited: The park is out of bounds to students.
6. to limit by or as if by bounds; keep within limits or confines.
7. to form the boundary or limit of.
8. to name or list the boundaries of.
9. to abut.
[1175-1225; ME bounde < AF; OF bone, bonde, var. of bodne < ML budina, of uncert. orig.; cf. BOURN2]
Syn. 1. border, frontier, confine.
/bownd/, adj.
1. going or intending to go; on the way to; destined (usually fol. by for): The train is bound for Denver.
2. Archaic. prepared; ready.
[1150-1200; ME b(o)un ready < ON buinn, ptp. of bua to get ready]

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