boorishly, adv.boorishness, n.
/boor"ish/, adj.
of or like a boor; unmannered; crude; insensitive.
[1555-65; BOOR + -ISH1]
Syn. coarse, uncouth, loutish, churlish. BOORISH, OAFISH, RUDE, UNCOUTH all describe persons, acts, manners, or mannerisms that violate in some way the generally accepted canons of polite, considerate behavior. BOORISH, originally referring to behavior characteristic of an unlettered rustic or peasant, now implies a coarse and blatant lack of sensitivity to the feelings or values of others: a boorish refusal to acknowledge greetings.
OAFISH suggests slow-witted, loutlike, clumsy behavior: oafish table manners. RUDE has the widest scope of meaning of these words; it suggests either purposefully impudent discourtesy or, less frequently, a rough crudity of appearance or manner: a rude remark; a rude thatched hut. UNCOUTH stresses most strongly in modern use a lack of good manners, whether arising from ignorance or brashness: uncouth laughter; an uncouth way of staring at strangers.
Ant. refined.

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Universalium. 2010.

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