/book"meuh beel', -moh-/, n.
an automobile, small truck, or trailer constructed to carry books and serve as a traveling library, as for communities where libraries are not accessible.
[1935-40; BOOK + -MOBILE]

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also called  Book Van, or Traveling Library,  

      shelf-lined motor van or other vehicle that carries books to rural and urban areas, establishes library service in areas that are too small to justify the creation of a stable branch, and acts as a demonstration model for communities that can afford library service and may choose to establish future stable branches. The earliest prototypes, which appeared in the 19th century in England and in the early 20th century in the United States, were horse-drawn book wagons. These provided service to individual homes, as well as to village centres.

      The development of the more versatile automobile eventually made possible the commercial manufacture of specially designed, automated bookmobiles in the period after World War II. Their use spread to France, Germany, Scandinavia, the Soviet Union, Oceania, and other areas.

      In a county or provincial library system, the bookmobile may serve as the only distributing agency, or as a substitute or supplement for book stations (book-deposit stops), places where books are left and picked up for readers (e.g., a store, post office, etc.). It can also provide door-to-door service to widely scattered populations with great flexibility in the number of stops, the length of distance covered, and uses. Bookmobiles have been used for servicing school districts, housing visual aids, and transporting educational exhibits. In some areas of the world, bookmobile service may be extended by phone or boat; e.g., Canadian libraries saw in bookmobiles a means of establishing contact with the Eskimos.

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