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  • citational — adjective see citation …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • citational — adjective of, or pertaining to (a) citation …   Wiktionary

  • citation — citational, adj. /suy tay sheuhn/, n. 1. Mil. mention of a soldier or a unit in orders, usually for gallantry: Presidential citation. 2. any award or commendation, as for outstanding service, hard work, or devotion to duty, esp. a formal letter… …   Universalium

  • Citationality — Citationality, in literary criticism, is an author s citation (quoting) of other author s works. Some works are highly citational (making frequent use of numerous allusion to and quotations from other works), while others seem to exist in a… …   Wikipedia

  • citation — noun Date: 13th century 1. an official summons to appear (as before a court) 2. a. an act of quoting; especially the citing of a previously settled case at law b. excerpt, quotation 3. mention: as a. a formal …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Graduation (album) — Graduation …   Wikipedia

  • Timeline of entomology — Entomology, the scientific study of insects and closely related terrestrial arthropods, has been impelled by the necessity of societies to protect themselves from insect borne diseases, crop losses to insects, and insect related discomfort, as… …   Wikipedia

  • citatory — See citational. * * * …   Universalium

  • citation — /saɪˈteɪʃən/ (say suy tayshuhn) noun 1. the act of citing or quoting. 2. the quoting of a passage, book, author, etc.; a reference to an authority or a precedent. 3. a passage cited; a quotation. 4. mention or enumeration. 5. call or summons,… …  

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