/bob"kat'/, n., pl. bobcats, (esp. collectively) bobcat.
a North American wildcat, Lynx rufus, ranging from southern Canada to central Mexico, having a brownish coat with black spots. Also called bay lynx.
[1885-90, Amer.; BOB(TAIL) + CAT1]

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Bobtailed, long-legged North American cat (Lynx rufus) found in forests and deserts from southern Canada to southern Mexico.

It is a close relative of the lynx and caracal. Bobcats have large paws and tufted ears; are 24–40 in. (60–100 cm) long, excluding the 4–8-in. (10–20-cm) tail; stand 20–24 in. (50–60 cm) at the shoulder; and weigh 15–33 lb (7–15 kg). The fur is pale brown to reddish with black spots. Bobcats are nocturnal and generally solitary. They feed on small mammals and some birds and are important for controlling rodent and rabbit populations. They are sometimes found in suburban areas.

Bobcat (Felis rufa)

Joe Van Wormer/Photo Researchers

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also called  bay lynx  or  wildcat 
 bobtailed North American cat (family Felidae (feline)), found from southern Canada to southern Mexico. The bobcat is a close relative of the somewhat larger Canada lynx (Lynx canadensis).

      A long-legged cat with large paws, a rather short body, and tufted ears, the bobcat is 60–100 cm (24–40 inches) long, excluding the 10–20-cm tail, stands 50–60 cm at the shoulder, and weighs 7–15 kg (15–33 pounds). Its fur, stiffer and less valuable than that of the lynx, is pale brown to reddish with black spots. The underparts are white; the tip of the tail is black above, white below.

      Sometimes found in suburban areas, the bobcat is a nocturnal, generally solitary cat equally at home in forests and deserts; it is less inclined than the lynx to climb trees or swim. It feeds on rodents, rabbits, hares, and some birds. Breeding takes place in spring (sometimes a second time later in the year); a litter of one to six kittens is born after a gestation period of about 50 days. Economically, the bobcat is of some value as a furbearer and is important in keeping the numbers of rodents and rabbits under control.

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