/blud"hownd'/, n.
1. one of a breed of medium- to large-sized dogs, usually having a black-and-tan coat, very long ears, loose skin, and an acute sense of smell: used chiefly for following human scents.
2. a person who is a steadfast pursuer.
[1300-50; ME blod-hound. See BLOOD, HOUND1]

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Breed of dog superior to any other in scenting ability, the foundation breed of most scent-hunting hound breeds.

They were known, although not in the present form, in the Mediterranean area in pre-Christian times. Calm and affectionate, they are often used to track animals and trail persons. A large, strong dog, the bloodhound stands 23–27 in. (58–69 cm) and weighs 80–110 lb (35–50 kg). It has short hair and long ears, with loose skin that falls into folds and wrinkles around the head and neck. The coat is black-and-tan, red-brown and tan, or tawny.

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▪ breed of dog
also called  St. Hubert hound 
 breed of dog unsurpassed by any other in scenting ability and from which most of the scent-hunting hounds have been derived. It was known, although not in its present form, in the Mediterranean area in pre-Christian times. The breed's name derives from its “blooded,” or purebred, ancestry.

      Typically calm and affectionate, it has been used in tracking animals and in trailing persons for law enforcement or rescue operations. A large, strong dog, it stands 23 to 27 inches (58 to 68.5 cm) and weighs 80 to 110 pounds (36 to 50 kg). It has short hair and long ears; its loose skin falls into folds and wrinkles about the head and neck. The coat is black-and-tan, red-brown and tan, or tawny.

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