/bloht/, v.t.
1. to expand or distend, as with air, water, etc.; cause to swell: Overeating bloated their bellies.
2. to puff up; make vain or conceited: The promotion has bloated his ego to an alarming degree.
3. to cure (fishes) as bloaters.
4. to become swollen; be puffed out or dilated: The carcass started to bloat.
5. Also called hoven. Vet. Pathol. (in cattle, sheep, and horses) a distention of the rumen or paunch or of the large colon by gases of fermentation, caused by eating ravenously of green forage, esp. legumes.
6. a person or thing that is bloated.
7. bloater (defs. 1, 2).
[1250-1300; earlier bloat (adj.) soft, puffy, ME blout < ON blautr wet, soft]
Syn. 1. swell, inflate, enlarge, balloon.

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also called  hoven  or  ruminal tympany 

      disorder of ruminant animals involving distention of the rumen, the first of the four divisions of the stomach, with gas of fermentation. Bloated cattle are restless and noticeably uncomfortable and have distended left flanks. Bloat often occurs in cattle that have grazed young, lush legumes such as clover or ingested large amounts of concentrate rations. Though deaths have occurred, economic losses from bloat usually derive from reduction in milk production and weight-gain rate. Treatment involves administration of antifoaming agents and relief of pressure by passage of a stomach tube via the esophagus.

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