blepharitic /blef'euh rit"ik/, adj.
/blef'euh ruy"tis/, n. Pathol.
inflammation of the eyelids.

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      common inflammation of the eyelids that is marked by red, scaly, crusting eyelids and a burning, itching, grainy feeling in the eye. The eye itself often has some redness as well.

      Blepharitis can result from either an infectious or a noninfectious process. Infectious blepharitis is more common in young people; the usual cause is colonization by staphylococcus bacteria along the margins of the eyelids (eyelid) or, less commonly, an infection with herpesvirus that involves the eyelids. Severe cases can result in ulceration of the eyelid margin or the cornea. Noninfectious blepharitis is most commonly caused by seborrhea, a skin disorder arising from overactivity of the sebaceous glands (sebaceous gland), or by dysfunction of the meibomian glands, which are oil-secreting glands located along the lid margin behind the eyelashes. The condition is remedied by treating the underlying disorder and by regular cleansing of the eyelid margins with gentle soapy solutions. Long-term treatment is often required. Severe cases of staphylococcal blepharitis can also benefit from topical antibiotic treatments.

      Allergic blepharitis is often seen after exposure to ophthalmic medications, cosmetics, or substances in the environment. Along with the typical symptoms, there may be severe itching and thickening of the eyelid skin. Treatment involves removing the offending agent and using cool compresses and antiallergy eyedrops.

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