blemisher, n.
/blem"ish/, v.t.
1. to destroy or diminish the perfection of: The book is blemished by those long, ineffective descriptions.
2. a mark that detracts from appearance, as a pimple or a scar.
3. a defect or flaw; stain; blight: a blemish on his record.
[1275-1325; ME (v.) < AF, MF blemiss-, long s. of ble(s)mir to make livid, perh. < Old Low Franconian *blesmjan; see BLAZE2]
Syn. 1. stain, sully, spot, tarnish, taint; injure, mar, damage, impair, deface. 3. blot, spot, speck, taint. See defect.
Ant. 1. purify, repair.

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