bindable, adj.
/buynd/, v., bound, binding, n.
1. to fasten or secure with a band or bond.
2. to encircle with a band or ligature: She bound her hair with a ribbon.
3. to swathe or bandage (often fol. by up): to bind up one's wounds.
4. to fasten around; fix in place by girding: They bound his hands behind him.
5. to tie up (anything, as sheaves of grain).
6. to cause to cohere: Ice bound the soil.
7. to unite by any legal or moral tie: to be bound by a contract.
8. to hold to a particular state, place, employment, etc.: Business kept him bound to the city.
9. to place under obligation or compulsion (usually used passively): We are bound by good sense to obey the country's laws.
10. Law. to put under legal obligation, as to keep the peace or appear as a witness (often fol. by over): This action binds them to keep the peace. He was bound over to the grand jury.
11. to make compulsory or obligatory: to bind the order with a deposit.
12. to fasten or secure within a cover, as a book: They will bind the new book in leather.
13. to cover the edge of, as for protection or ornament: to bind a carpet.
14. (of clothing) to chafe or restrict (the wearer): This shirt binds me under the arms.
15. Med. to hinder or restrain (the bowels) from their natural operations; constipate.
16. to indenture as an apprentice (often fol. by out): In his youth his father bound him to a blacksmith.
17. to become compact or solid; cohere.
18. to be obligatory: an obligation that binds.
19. to chafe or restrict, as poorly fitting garments: This jacket binds through the shoulders.
20. to stick fast, as a drill in a hole.
21. Falconry. (of a hawk) to grapple or grasp prey firmly in flight.
22. bind off, Textiles. to loop (one stitch) over another in making an edge on knitted fabric.
23. the act or process of binding; the state or instance of being bound.
24. something that binds.
25. Music. a tie, slur, or brace.
26. Falconry. the act of binding.
27. Informal. a difficult situation or predicament: This schedule has us in a bind.
[bef. 1000; ME binden (v.), OE bindan; c. OHG bintan, ON binda, Goth bindan, Skt bandhati (he) binds]
Syn. 1. gird, attach, tie. 2. confine, restrain. 9. engage, oblige, obligate.
Ant. 1. untie.

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