/bee"meuh, bim"euh, bee mah"/, n.
a platform in a synagogue holding the reading table used when chanting or reading portions of the Torah and the Prophets.
Also, bema, bima. Also called almemar.
[( < Yiddish bime) < Heb bimah < Gk bêma BEMA]

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also spelled  Bima,  also called  Almemar, or Almemor 

      (from Arabic al-minbar, “platform”), in Jewish synagogues, a raised platform with a reading desk from which, in the Ashkenazi (German) ritual, the Torah and Hafṭarah (a reading from the prophets) are read on the Sabbath and festivals. In the Sephardic (Spanish) rite, the entire service is conducted from a platform called a teba (“box”). At an earlier date, when the bimah was positioned in the centre of the synagogue (as it still is in Sephardic and many Orthodox Ashkenazi synagogues), the attention of the congregation was divided between it and the Ark of the Law. Although Maimonides and others insisted on this location in the Middle Ages, many modern synagogues now place the bimah in front of the Ark. This arrangement conserves space, facilitates listening, and is, some feel, architecturally more pleasing.

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