/bi troh"dheuhl, -traw"theuhl/, n.
the act or state of being betrothed; engagement.
Also, betrothment.
[1835-45; BETROTH + -AL2]

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▪ marriage custom
      promise that a marriage will take place. In societies in which premarital sexual relations are condoned or in which consensual union is common, betrothal may be unimportant. In other societies, however, betrothal is a formal part of the marriage process. In such cases a change of intention by one of the parties is a serious matter and may be referred to as a breach of promise, a civil transgression subject in some instances to a fine or other penalty.

      Marriage has historically been so frequently a matter of alliance between kin (kinship) groups that mate selection has been removed from the hands of the participants and negotiated by important or assigned representatives of each group. In many, but by no means all, such cases, betrothal has been marked by various forms and degrees of mutual visits and gift exchange between the two families. Sometimes, especially when two potentially hostile groups are concerned, child betrothal may be adopted to ensure continuing social, economic, or political harmony.

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