/bel"berrd'/, n.
any of several birds having a loud bell-like cry, esp. Anthornis melanura, a honey eater of New Zealand, and Procnias tricarunculata (three-wattled bellbird) of Central America.
Also, bell bird.
[1795-1805; BELL1 + BIRD]

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      any of several unrelated birds from various locations around the world that are named for their ringing voices.

      Four bellbird species live in Central and South America and constitute the genus Procnias, although only one, the white bellbird (P. alba), has a call that can actually be described as “bell-like.” Females are drably coloured, but the males are mostly or entirely white. Only the males vocalize, and in three of the four species, the males possess fleshy ornamentation on the head. The white bellbird has a tapering black spike, sparsely feathered, on the forehead. The mossy-throated, bearded, or black-winged bellbird (P. averano) has many thin wattles hanging from the throat. The three-wattled bellbird (P. tricarunculata), confined to Central America, has three bill wattles. One hangs from each corner of the mouth, and another dangles from the bill's upper base, each wattle measuring about one-third the length of the entire 30-cm (12-inch) bird. The naked-throated bellbird (P. nudicollis) has a green face and throat. These jay-sized, fruit-eating birds produce calls that can be heard for long distances.

      The tropical American bellbirds are difficult to observe because they prefer the tops of large trees. With their wide gapes, they can swallow fruit whole; the seeds are later regurgitated. The bellbirds belong to a larger group of New World birds called cotingas (see family Cotingidae).

      Other species not related to Procnias are also called bellbirds. Anthornis melanura of New Zealand is a honeyeater (family Meliphagidae) that lives in virgin forest; both sexes sing in beautifully chiming choruses, and both sexes of this 23-cm (9-inch) bird are dark green in colour.

      Manorina melanophrys, often called the bell miner, is an olive-coloured Australian honeyeater with an orange bill and legs. It has a short bell-like call.

      The crested bellbird (Oreoica gutturalis), also of Australia, is a whistler (see thickhead) with bristles around its nostrils. This species is a member of the Old World flycatchers (family Muscicapidae).

      Certain shrikes (shrike) are called bellbirds or bell-shrikes; these and all the bellbirds belong to the order of perching birds, Passeriformes (passeriform).

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