/bej"euhl/, n. Pathol.
a nonvenereal syphilis occurring mainly among children in certain subtropical areas of southern Africa and southeastern Asia, caused by the spirochete strain Treponema pallidum endemicum.
[1925-30; < Ar bajl]

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      form of endemic (nonvenereal) syphilis occurring among Bedouin tribes and elsewhere in the Middle East.

      Endemic syphilis is caused by the bacterium Treponema endemicum. Both endemic and sporadic (venereal) syphilis are diagnosed by the same tests, are treated with the same drugs, and cause similar pathological changes in the tissues; this is because T. pallidum, the pathogen that causes sporadic syphilis, is closely related to T. endemicum. Bejel, however, is rarely transmitted congenitally or through sexual contact; it spreads by contact from child to child in an unhygienic environment. The infection appears first as an eruption on the mouth and skin. The profuse rash, extremely contagious and persisting for a year or more, eventually fades into latency; the blood test remains positive. Later the early stage may relapse, or latency may be terminated by the late stage of the disease, which is characterized by soft, gummy ulcers of the skin, the bones, and the centre of the face, a patchy loss of skin pigment, and other conditions. Involvement of the central nervous system is uncommon.

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