Basic English

Basic English
a simplified form of English restricted to an 850-word vocabulary and a few rules of grammar, intended esp. as an international auxiliary language and for use in teaching English as a foreign language: devised by Charles Kay Ogden.

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      simplified form of English developed between 1926 and 1930 by the British writer and linguist Charles Kay Ogden (Ogden, C.K.). Intended for use as an international second language, it enjoyed some popularity for more than a decade, but subsequently the language was little used.

      Basic English derives its vocabulary and grammar from English but reduces both to a remarkable extent: there are 850 basic vocabulary items, 600 of which are nouns and 150 of which are adjectives. The remaining 100 are operative words such as “can,” “do,” “across,” “after,” “to,” “the,” “all,” “if,” “not,” and “very.” Only 18 verbs are used, and these are conjugated as in standard English; but through combination with nonverbs these 18 verbs can replace about 4,000 standard English verbs (e.g., “put together” for “assemble” or “combine”; “make up” for “invent”; “take pictures” for “photograph”). There are only a few rules concerned with formation of plurals, comparative degrees of adjectives, and use of such prefixes and suffixes as un-, -er, -ing, -ed, and -ly. Features of the language are dealt with in Ogden's books Basic English (1930), The Basic Words (1932), and The ABC of Basic English (1932).

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