barytic /beuh rit"ik/, adj.
/beuh ruy"teuh/, n. Chem.
1. Also called calcined baryta, barium oxide, barium monoxide, barium protoxide. a white or yellowish-white poisonous solid, BaO, highly reactive with water: used chiefly as a dehydrating agent and in the manufacture of glass.
2. Also called caustic baryta, barium hydroxide, barium hydrate. the hydroxide, hydrated form of this compound, Ba(OH)2·8H2O, used chiefly in the industrial preparation of beet sugar and for refining animal and vegetable oils.
[1800-10; < NL, equiv. to bary- ( < Gk barýs heavy) + -ta ( < Gk -(i)tes -ITE1)]

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