Barren Grounds

Barren Grounds
a sparsely inhabited region of tundra in N Canada, esp. in the area W of Hudson Bay. Also called Barren Lands.

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also called  Barren Lands, 

      vast sub-Arctic prairie (tundra) region of northern mainland Canada lying principally in the territory of Nunavut but also including the eastern portion of the Northwest Territories. It extends westward from Hudson Bay to the Great Slave and Great Bear lakes, northward to the Arctic Ocean, and southward along the Hudson Bay coastal plain and consists of a low, glaciated, treeless plain lying below 1,000 feet (300 metres) in elevation. Its surface is covered with grasses, mosses, and lichens, interspersed with granitic outcrops, and dotted with innumerable lakes and streams, including the Coppermine, Back, Dubawnt, Kazan, and Thelon rivers.

      The ground is permanently frozen to within a few inches of the surface, creating, in many areas, vast stretches of mosquito- and fly-infested swamp during the summer thaw. Caribou, musk-oxen, foxes, and bears inhabit the Barren Grounds, large areas of which are protected by the Queen Maud Gulf Bird Sanctuary and Thelon Wildlife Sanctuary. Most of the permanent human inhabitants are people living in the coastal areas. The Barren Grounds region was first explored by the Englishman Samuel Hearne (Hearne, Samuel) during his 1769–72 expedition.

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