/bahr"ber'ee, -beuh ree/, n., pl. barberries.
1. a shrub of the genus Berberis, esp. B. vulgaris, having yellow flowers in elongated clusters. Cf. barberry family.
2. the red, elongated, acid fruit of this shrub.
[1350-1400; ME barbere < ML barbaris ( < Ar barbaris), with -baris conformed to bere BERRY]

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Any of the almost 500 species of thorny evergreen or deciduous shrubs constituting the genus Berberis.

The genus is the largest and most important group in the family Berberidaceae, of the buttercup order. Most barberries are native to the northern temperate zone, particularly Asia. Barberry bushes have yellow wood and yellow flowers. The fruit of several species is made into jellies. Other members of the same family include heavenly bamboo (Nandina domestica), an indoor potted plant; mayapple (Podophyllum peltatum), a woodland wildflower; Epimedium, a ground cover; and Oregon grape (Mahonia), a genus of broad-leaved evergreen shrubs.

American barberry (Berberis canadensis).

Walter Chandoha

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      any of almost 500 species of thorny evergreen or deciduous shrubs constituting the genus Berberis of the family Berberidaceae, mostly native to the North Temperate Zone, particularly Asia. Species of Oregon grape, previously included in Berberis but now assigned to the genus Mahonia, are sometimes called barberry (see Oregon grape).

      Plants of the genus Berberis have yellow wood, yellow, six-petaled flowers, and usually three-branched spines at the base of leafstalks. The fruit is a red, yellow, blue, purple, or black berry, with one to several seeds. The fruits of several species are made into jellies. Yellow dyes are extracted from some South American and Asian barberry plants. Species of Berberis are used as a nectar source for honeybees in western Asia.

      The American or Allegheny barberry (B. canadensis) is native to eastern North America. Japanese barberry (B. thunbergii) often is cultivated as a hedge or ornamental shrub for its scarlet fall foliage and bright-red, long-lasting berries. Several varieties with purple or yellow foliage, spinelessness, or dwarf habit are useful in the landscape. Another widely planted species is wintergreen barberry (B. julianae), an evergreen shrub with bluish black berries. The cultivation of certain barberry species is prohibited in some regions because they harbour one of the spore stages of the fungus that causes black stem rust of wheat.

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