barless, adj.barrable, adj.
/bahr/, n., v., barred, barring, prep.
1. a relatively long, evenly shaped piece of some solid substance, as metal or wood, used as a guard or obstruction or for some mechanical purpose: the bars of a cage.
2. an oblong piece of any solid material: a bar of soap; a candy bar.
3. the amount of material in a bar.
4. an ingot, lump, or wedge of gold or silver.
5. a long ridge of sand, gravel, or other material near or slightly above the surface of the water at or near the mouth of a river or harbor entrance, often constituting an obstruction to navigation.
6. anything that obstructs, hinders, or impedes; obstacle; barrier: a bar to important legislation.
7. a counter or place where beverages, esp. liquors, or light meals are served to customers: a snack bar; a milk bar.
8. a barroom or tavern.
9. (in a home) a counter, small wagon, or similar piece of furniture for serving food or beverages: a breakfast bar.
10. the legal profession.
11. the practicing members of the legal profession in a given community.
12. any tribunal: the bar of public opinion.
13. a band or strip: a bar of light.
14. a railing in a courtroom separating the general public from the part of the room occupied by the judges, jury, attorneys, etc.
15. a crowbar.
16. Music.
a. Also called bar line. the line marking the division between two measures of music.
b. See double bar.
c. the unit of music contained between two bar lines; measure.
17. Ballet. barre.
18. Law.
a. an objection that nullifies an action or claim.
b. a stoppage or defeat of an alleged right of action.
19. Typography. a horizontal stroke of a type character, as of an A, H, t, and sometimes e.
20. Archit. (in tracery) a relatively long and slender upright of stone treated as a colonette or molded.
21. Building Trades.
a. an iron or steel shape: I-bar.
b. a muntin.
22. Mil. one of a pair of metal or cloth insignia worn by certain commissioned officers.
23. bars, the transverse ridges on the roof of the mouth of a horse.
24. a space between the molar and canine teeth of a horse into which the bit is fitted.
25. (in a bridle) the mouthpiece connecting the cheeks.
26. bride2 (def. 1).
27. Heraldry. a horizontal band, narrower than a fess, that crosses the field of an escutcheon.
28. Obs. a gateway capable of being barred.
29. at bar, Law.
a. before the court and being tried: a case at bar.
b. before all the judges of a court: a trial at bar.
30. behind bars, in jail: We wanted the criminal behind bars.
31. to equip or fasten with a bar or bars: Bar the door before retiring for the night.
32. to block by or as if by bars: The police barred the exits in an attempt to prevent the thief's escape.
33. to prevent or hinder: They barred her entrance to the club.
34. to exclude or except: He was barred from membership because of his reputation.
35. to mark with bars, stripes, or bands.
36. except; omitting; but: bar none.
[1175-1225; ME barre < OF < VL *barra rod, of obscure, perh. of pre-L orig.]
Syn. 1. rod, pole. 5. shoal, reef, bank, sand bar. 6. deterrent, stop. BAR, BARRIER, BARRICADE mean something put in the way of advance. BAR has the general meaning of hindrance or obstruction: a bar across the doorway. BARRIER suggests an impediment to progress or a defensive obstruction (natural or artificial): a trade barrier; a mountain barrier; a road barrier. A BARRICADE is esp. a pile of articles hastily gathered or a rude earthwork for protection in street fighting: a barricade of wooden boxes. 7. saloon, café; cocktail lounge. 32, 33. obstruct, deter, impede, barricade. 34. eliminate.
/bahr/, n.
[1770-80; < LaF bère, baire, appar. repr. dial. pron. of F barre barrier, BAR1]
/bahr/, n. Physics.
1. a centimeter-gram-second unit of pressure, equal to one million dynes per square centimeter.
2. (formerly) microbar. Abbr.: b
[1900-05; < Gk báros weight; cf. BAROMETER, ISOBAR]

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(as used in expressions)
offshore bar
Simeon bar Kosba

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      port in Montenegro, on the Adriatic Sea. It is the country's principal port and the only maritime outlet for the landlocked republic of Serbia. The current city is known as Novi (“New”) Bar. Stari (“Old”) Bar's ruins lie farther inland at the base of Mount Rumija. Stari Bar was first mentioned in the 9th century, when it came under the control of the Byzantine Empire. Known among Mediterranean powers as Antivari, the city was frequently autonomous from the 11th to the 15th century. During the 14th century its archbishop acquired the title primate of Serbia. It was ruled from Venice (1443–1571) and then by the Turks (1571–1878). Partly ruined in 1878 when the Montenegrins wrested it from the Turks, it was abandoned after gunpowder explosions in 1881 and 1912. The new town, which is now a major port and recreation centre connected with Belgrade by rail, has been greatly enlarged since the late 1970s to facilitate increased oil imports and exports. To the southeast is the port of Ulcinj, a tourist and health resort, while inland is Lake Scutari (Scutari, Lake), the largest lake in the Balkans. Pop. (2003) 13,719.

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