ballroom dance

ballroom dance
ballroom dancing.
any of a variety of social or recreational dances performed by couples, as in a ballroom.

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European and American social dancing performed by couples.

It includes standard dances such as the fox-trot, waltz, polka, tango, Charleston, jitterbug, and merengue. Ballroom dance was popularized by Vernon and Irene Castle and Fred Astaire and, later, by Arthur Murray (1895–1991), who established ballroom dance studios throughout the U.S. Ballroom dance contests, especially popular in Europe, feature both amateur and professional dancers.

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      European and American social dancing performed by couples. It includes the standard repertory of dances such as the fox-trot, waltz, polka, and tango as well as various fad dances from the Charleston through the jitterbug, hustle, frug, and disco dancing. In Europe, in particular, ballroom dance contests, both amateur and professional, are organized on a national and international scale.

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