avionic, adj.
/ay'vee on"iks, av'ee-/, n.
1. (used with a sing. v.) the science and technology of the development and use of electrical and electronic devices in aviation.
2. (used with a pl. v.) the devices themselves.

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      (derived from the expression “aviation electronics”), the development and production of electronic instruments for use in aviation and astronautics. The term also refers to the instruments themselves. Such instruments consist of a wide variety of control, performance, and radio navigation devices and systems.

      Control apparatus includes the attitude gyro and any number of instruments that indicate power, such as the tachometer (in propeller craft), torquemeter (in turboprops), and exhaust pressure ratio indicator (in turbojets). Performance instruments include the altimeter, Machmeter, turn and slip indicator, and varied devices that show airspeed, vertical velocity, and angle of attack. Electronic radio navigation equipment ranges from radar to instrument landing systems.

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