automatic pilot

automatic pilot
1. Aeron. an airborne electronic control system that automatically maintains a preset heading and attitude. Also called automatic, autopilot, gyropilot, robot.
2. on automatic pilot, functioning in an unthinking or reflexive manner.

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also called  autopilot , or  autohelmsman 

      device for controlling an aircraft or other vehicle without constant human intervention.

      The earliest automatic pilots could do no more than maintain an aircraft in straight and level flight by controlling pitch, yaw, and roll movements; and they are still used most often to relieve the pilot during routine cruising. Modern automatic pilots can, however, execute complex maneuvers or flight plans, bring aircraft into approach and landing paths, or make possible the control of inherently unstable aircraft (such as some supersonic aircraft) and of those capable of vertical takeoff and landing. Automatic pilots are also used to steer surface ships, submarines, torpedoes, missiles, rockets, and spacecraft.

      Automatic pilots consist of four major elements: (1) a source of steering commands (such as a computerized guidance program or a radio receiver), (2) motion and position sensors (such as gyroscopes, accelerometers, altimeters, and airspeed indicators), (3) a computer to compare the parameters specified in the guidance program with the aircraft's actual position and motion, and (4) servomotors that actuate the craft's engines and control surfaces to alter its flight when corrections or changes are required.

      Automatic pilots for manned aircraft are designed as fail-safe—that is, no failure in the automatic pilot can be allowed to prevent the effective employment of manual override. Excessive accelerations are prevented by the automatic pilot through its numerous feedback loops. Automatic approach and landing employs microwave beams that are aimed from the runway and acquired aboard the aircraft by appropriate receivers.

      As used aboard spacecraft, automatic attitude-stabilization-and-control systems compensate for the minor disturbances caused by micrometeorites, radiation pressure from the Sun, and minor irregularities in the gravitational fields of nearby planetary bodies. Instead of the aerodynamic control surfaces used by vehicles in Earth's atmosphere, automatic pilots on spacecraft control orientation by means of reaction control jets, electromagnets that couple to planetary magnetic fields, or gyroscopes.

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